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Dr. Cochav Elkayam Levy, established and heads The Civil Commission on Oct. 7th Crimes by Hamas against Women and Children; In her speech before the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, she represented Israel's women's rights movement. 

Dr. Elkayam Levy is the principal author of the National Report on Gender Mainstreaming in Times of Emergencies, which was adopted in a historic government decision in June 2022. She was selected as one of the most promising young leaders under 40 in Israel by The Marker Magazine in 2022 (Ha'aretz). She recently co-authored the analysis of the implications of the government's legal reform on the lives of women in Israel and presented it to the President ("Violation of Women’s Rights as a Result of the Proposed Regime Changes in Israel"). This reform sent hundreds of thousands of women to protest against the government in light of the danger to gender equality. 


Dr. Elkayam-Levy is the Sophie Davis Fellow on Gender, Conflict Resolution and Peace at the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; She teaches human rights law, international law, climate justice and feminist theories at Hebrew U and at Reichman University; She is the Founding Head of Dvora Institute for Gender and Sustainability studies; A Senior Fellow, at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem; SJD and former Human Rights Scholar of the University of Pennsylvania Law School; Former Perry World House Fellow; A Salzburg Global Fellow for Oustanding Scholars in International Law, Washington DC;  and was a member of the President’s new Climate Forum; 


Dr. Cochav

An expert on international law, human rights, and feminist theories.

Law Professor, Reichman University; Davis Institute for International Relations, Hebrew University; Founder and Head, the Dvora Institute for Gender and Sustainability Studies

Educational Background

SJD, University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Philadelphia, PA;  Perry World House Research Fellow – Penn’s Institute for International Affairs and Global Challenges; Recipient of the Leboy-Davis Award for Research in Gender Studies, The Center for Research in Feminist, Queer, and Transgender Studies; Penn Law Teaching Fellow; Lloyd N. Cutler Fellowship, The Salzburg Cutler Fellows program in Washington D.C for outstanding scholars in international law; Recipient of Penn Law Rule of Law and Human Rights Fellowship; LL.M., University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Philadelphia, PA  (Distinction Honors); Recipient of Penn Law Human Rights Scholarship Award; LL.B, B.A. (magna cum laude); Dean’s Honor List awards; Joint degree in Law and Political Science.


Current Positions

 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 

International Relations Department; The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations; Sophie Davis Forum on Gender, Conflict Resolution, and Peace; Conducting research on transformative justice in international law 

Reichman University,


Adjunct Professor, Lauder School of Government, Strategy and Diplomacy.

Gender, Peace and Security; Human Rights and Climate Change – Global Perspectives.

Hartman Institute,

David Hartman Postdoctoral Fellow, Kogod Research Center for Contemporary Jewish Thought 

Conducting research on the global protection of feminist religious movements around the world and their contribution to our understanding of transformational societal changes. 

Deborah Institute,


Founding head; the institute tackles structural social and gender inequalities with the goal of advancing research and policy on systematic discrimination and transformative change processes. It addresses pressing global challenges in the protection of women’s rights. 

Teaching Areas

 Public International Law; International Human Rights; Feminist Theories;  Human Rights and Climate Justice; International Sustainable Development; Religion and State in Global Politics and Democratic Societies; Human Rights in Times of Crisis; 

Fellows​hips, Awards, and Grants

Current- The Marker 2022 List of the 40 most promising young leaders under 40 in Israel;

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Sophie Davis Post-Doctoral Award 2022-2023); David Hartman Post-Doctoral Fellow, Hartman Institute, Jerusalem (2021-23) Doctoral Research Fellow, Perry World House – Penn’s Institute for International Relations and Global Challenges (during doctoral program at Penn Law); The Heschel Center for Sustainability Fellows Program (2021); The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Studies Research Grant (2022); S.J.D Award, University of Pennsylvania Law School (2018-20); Leboy-Davies Award, The Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality & Women (2016-17); Lloyd N. Cutler Fellow; Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program for outstanding scholars in international law, Ivy League Universities, Washington DC (2015-16); Penn Law School Academic Fellowship (2014-16) – Teaching Fellow in the LLM program; Penn Journal of International Law Award for best students’ articles (2014); University of Pennsylvania Rule of Law & Human Rights Fellowship Award (2013-2014); Toll Public Interest Center’s Awards for Outstanding Leadership (2013); Penn Law Public Service Award and Penn Law Exemplary Pro-Bono Service Award (2013); Philadelphia Bar Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Human Rights (2012); University of Pennsylvania Law School Human Rights Scholarship Award (full tuition) (2012-13); Bar-Ilan University Law School Excellence Award – the law school grant for studies in the U.S. (2012); Bar-Ilan University Law School Dean’s Honors List (2008-09)



Principal author of Israel's national report on Gender Mainstreaming During Emergencies, adopted in a historic government resolution (June 2022);  Member and Academic Advisor of the Government Advisory Committee to Israel’s National Security Council (NSC), Prime-Minister’s Office. (June 2022). Available here.; 

Member, the President’s new Climate Forum (Israel’s national climate report will be completed soon); 

Academic Advisor, Equality and Diversity Commission, Tel-Aviv University and the Technion – author of TAU’s Gender Equality Strategic Plan adopting the new European standards for equality, diversity and inclusion in academic institutions. With Prof. Neta Ziv, Sharon Abraham Weiss and the team of the Equality and Diversity Commission; 

Academic Advisor, Israel’s Agenda 2030 Coalition for the Advancement of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals; Israel’s cross-sector coalition project for the promotion of the UN SDGs - A three-year action plan that includes professional trainings, conferences, design of mechanisms for cross-sector partnerships, and development of implementation tools for civil society. Funded by the European Union. 

Selected Non-Academic Publications

Gender Equality, Inclusion and Diversity in Tel Aviv University 

“Upholding the Promise – Gender Equality Plan 2025” - with Prof. Neta Ziv and Adv. Sharon Abraham Weiss 

Submission of List of Issues on the Rights of Unaccompanied Alien Children 

Affected by Immigration Detention in the United States on behalf of the Women's Refugee Commission. Submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Committee (28/12/2012) 

Gender and Religion 

a Note on the European Court of Human Rights’ Jurisprudence, IntLawGrrls Blog- voices on international law, policy, practice, (April 15, 2015) 

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